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    Over 70 years Experience - The United Kingdom's Premier Plaque Supplier

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Premier Plaque Manufacturer
for the UK

We are competitive on Price, Quality and Delivery anywhere in England, Scotland Ireland or Wales.

ARROW BRONZE has been Supplying Commemorative and Architectural  Plaques for over 70 years.

  • Leading foundry casting Bronze & Aluminium

  • Over 70 Years Experience

  • Exceptional Quality

  • Fast Turnaround

With our network of experienced Agencies, we help you commemorate People, Places and Things with quality cast plaques that are warranted to last a life time.

Our rich history makes Arrow Bronze the premier supplier of choice by Government Agencies, Associations, Sign makers, Architects and commemorative product supply agencies.

We cast Bronze and Aluminium plaques, lettering, badges, crests, insignia, donor products, interpretive signs and directional markers.

Whether you are a School, University, Government Department, Architect, Builder, Church, The Royal British Legion, Military Association, Hospital, Corporate Entity, Historical Society or Sporting Association, we can help design, supply and install your commemorative plaque needs.

Only Arrow Bronze can lead in innovation with products such as ImageCast TM, our fine Bas Relief 3D replication of photos that provide a biography in Bronze.

With international connections, Arrow Bronze can give you the flexibility in product design and product range, to ensure your commemoration is unique and relevant.

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Commemorative | Memorial

Arrow in Portsmouth
Magnificent Arrow Bronze plaque commemorating the M33, the Last Fighting Ship at Gallipoli in 1915.
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Commemorative and Architectural Products

ImageCast™ offers the ability to create truly personalised plaques that combine the enduring beauty of cast bronze with the detailed look of a photograph.


To purchase a beautiful bronze memorial to honour the life or your loved one we recommend you contact your local Cemetery, Crematorium or Memorial Park.

For placement at one of these venues you need to be aware of the Memorial Park’s additional charges for Administration, Placement and Ongoing Maintenance which will be applied in addition to the cost of the plaque itself.

For a memorial at home or in a location other than a Memorial Park, you can still purchase a plaque from the Memorial Park and they can assist you design a personal and unique tribute to your loved one.

Look at some of these links that might give you information on bronze, memorialisation, personalisation of memorials and FAQ’s.

Memorial Plaque Preparation

Download our discovery questions to help you prepare from what you might like on your loved one’s special and beautiful bronze memorial plaque. Discovery Questions (pdf)

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    ARROW BRONZE examples

    Nutfield History Group Plaque

    Mike Garwood, Chairman Nutfield History Group commissioned a plaque that is dedicated to the lives given by 75 fighter pilots flying from Redhill in WW2.

    The commemoration plaque is now proudly situated inside Nutfield Village Memorial Hall, listing their names. Mike was delighted with the quality and service he received from Arrow saying ”Have just taken receipt of plaque as you can see.  I’m more than pleased….”

    Arrow in Portsmouth

    On the 6th of August 2015, a beautiful Arrow Bronze plaque commemorating the M33, the Last Fighting Ship at Gallipoli in 1915 was unveiled in Portsmouth. Another example of the versatility and quality workmanship only Arrow can provide.

    Arrow Bronze plaque commemorating the M33, the Last Fighting Ship at Gallipoli in 1915 was unveiled in Portsmouth.
    Arrow Bronze plaque commemorating the M33, the Last Fighting Ship at Gallipoli in 1915 was unveiled in Portsmouth.

    ARROW BRONZE Commemorative and Architectural Plaques, Lettering, Badges, Crests, Insignia, and Donor products

    We are the world’s leading supplier of cast bronze memorial plaques and products and also supply the identification and commemoration industries. We balance state of the art technology with crafting techniques that are nearly as old as the art of bronze. Our turn around times and quality are second to none. Below you will find examples of our extensive range of products.


    Arrow Bronze supplies bronze plaques of all sizes from basic inscription to plaques with motifs and emblems to our beautiful ImageCast™

    More info


    Arrow Bronze
    supplies lettering
    and numerals in a variety of
    fonts and sizes.

    More info


    Arrow Bronze supplies a large variety
    of badges for Police, Fire,
    The Royal British Legion’s and other
    Organisations and Associations

    More info

    Crests & Insignia

    Arrow Bronze
    supplies a large variety
    of crests and insignia.

    More info


    With links to fine artisans locally and internationally we can provide statues from our catalogues or made to order.

    More info

    Donor & Recognition

    Arrow Bronze can make donor and recognition
    plaques to suit any application
    and themed to your particular cause.

    More info


    Arrow Bronze’s process of casting a QR code into a bronze plaque enables access to a whole encyclopaedia of information not possible in the wording of a general plaque.
    Scanning the cast on code with a smart phone or tablet QR code reader will take you to the website of your choice for more information about the person, place or thing.

    Download Flyer  : LinksInBronze™ (pdf)


    ImageCastTM offers the ability to create truly personalised plaques that combine the enduring beauty of cast bronze with the detailed look of a photograph. ImageCastTM is perfect for signage, historical markers or any identification sign that tells a pictorial story.
    Tips for  choosing photos and scanning photos (pdf)

    United Kingdom Premier Plaques - ARROW BRONZE
    United Kingdom Premier Personalised Plaques
    United Kingdom Personalised Plaques - ARROW BRONZE

    Centenary Commemorative Since WW1

    Arrow Bronze has a wide range of Military and Service Plaques, Crests, Badges and insignia to help commemorate the Centenary of WW1. In particular we have developed an exclusive range of plaques featuring our patented ImageCast™ process.


    ARROW  BRONZE – Premier Plaque Manufacturer for over 70 years!

    We are the premier supplier of choice for:

    • Government Agencies
    • Associations
    • Sign makers
    • Architects
    • Commemorative product supply agencies.

    Our Commemorative distribution network can help you design, supply and install plaques for:

    • Schools
    • Universities
    • Government Departments
    • Architects
    • Builders
    • Churches
    • The Royal British Legions
    • Military Associations
    • Hospitals
    • Corporate Entities
    • Historical Societies
    • Sporting Associations

    We are the leading foundry casting Bronze and Aluminium including :

    • plaques
    • lettering
    • badges
    • crests
    • insignia
    • donor products
    • interpretive signs and directional markers.


     Commemorative and Architectural  Plaques, Lettering, Badges, Crests, Insignia, and Donor products – ARROW BRONZE

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